Sojourners Land

Materializing Safer Space


Purpose and Goals

In bringing our people together, sharing our wisdom and experience in a supportive environment, Sojourners Land promotes healing, empowerment and the cultivation of Love Activism. Sojourners Land is creating a safer autonomous space in which we can grow, learn, support, hear and be heard – or simply be. It is a space in which we can meet, connect, and continue to do the work of liberating ourselves and our communities.

We anticipate that a rural community center would cultivate wholesome, ecological awareness and movements, and bring many revolutionary growing opportunities for all of us.

Services We Provide

  • Friendly and protected access to a country space, natural and wilder space for people systematically denied this access / removed from those spaces. Access to healthy, locally grown food, organic gardening, community, medicine and self-healing resources.
  • Sanctuary and getaway of rejuvenation for women, queer-bodied, gender queer and trans POC. Residence for several stewards.
  • Gathering space for feminists, women of color and queer POC. Space for queer women-of-color-centered events & gatherings. Space for ritual, convergence, story sharing and keeping.
  • Sharing practical life-sustaining skills and knowledge, opportunities and experience.
  • Promoting feminist and anti-racist equity and activism in our communities. Wholeing our queer communities and movements with Earth-based activism.
  • Collaborate in a community-supported, non-hierarchical living, practicing love-based alternatives to domination systems.

What We Need

We need your active love & support to materialize this space. We need funds to liberate the land into the hands of the community, passionate hearts and hands to built this home.

Who Is Welcomed?

Sojourners Land is a gender inclusive space that welcomes all people who respect and hold the space as eco-feminist, Queer Women of Color Centered and lead. You are invited to actively hold space for and with women, dykes, trans, and gender queer people , elders and children.

Sojourners land welcomes all folks who are:

  • Safe around women and queer bodied people
  • Safe around children and elders
  • Trans-friendly
  • Queer
  • Respectful and considerate of all beings, including  plants, water, ancestors, fire, electricity, etc
  • Feminists and allies in practice
  • Pro-actively unlearning racism, sexism, ageism, able-ism and capitalism


Allies are invited to hold space with queer feminists of color, to support and co-create more equitable and empowering whole community.

As people of privilege, we are coming to the space to be supporters of queer women/ queers of color, and of a space focusing on queer women of color and queer people of color needs, in a world of white and masculine supremacy.

We come to carry some of the load, and to learn together what it means to hold space and how to be better allies in our communities.

What would a space where we put ourselves in service be like? How are we shifting power paradigms to practice revolutionary feminism?