Sojourners Land

Materializing Safer Space


Sojourners Land is an eco-spiritual practice space for Prismatic, Queer, Transgender, Intergender and Two-Spirit People of Color.  Our roots are with Black Queer and Transgender Women and, from loving there, we branch to connect with our whole Earth family to bring about healing that only we are capable of.
An autonomous space where QTI2PoC survivor healers can connect with and celebrate our heritage as earth lovers, story-keepers and community leaders.
We are committed to healing the traumatic effects of indigenous peoples being removed from home land and becoming re-indigenous while both the land and people are under conditions of slavery.
We proactively respond to life-threatening violence, poverty and homelessness which overwhelmingly targets transgender  and queer women of color and  gender non-conforming individuals.
Sojourners Land is a radical eco-spiritual practice space for Prismatic QTI2PoC survival, resistance and rejuvenation.